ASEAN INTERNATIONAL ENGLISH SCHOOL was established as a non-profit and partisan school and registered under Cambodian Law in May 2019. It is located in Chhouteal Bak Village, Thlok Commune, Triang District, Takeo Province, Cambodia (approximately 80km south of Phnom Penh the capital via National Main Road 2).

ASEAN INTERNATIONAL ENGLISH SCHOOL provides effective English language education and computer skills to students from rural area, low income families and state schools. This provides them with more opportunities for working in higher paying jobs and away from dangerous, manual labor jobs. Sooner, we strive to create an integrated classroom that reinforces English and computer competency for students with disabilities as well.

Learning English language and computer skills are of paramount importance to the students, their families and their communities as many high paying jobs in Cambodia require at least a basic knowledge of both. Presently, we have over 300 students and are working toward expanding the project to help more students in the rural areas and state schools of Cambodia.