Welcome in our school and community

Our new website is finally done. Well done 😉
Interested in volunteering as an English teacher? Join us in Takeo Province.
A Wonderful atmosphere, lovely people, and a great opportunity to experience genuine Khmer culture.
If this sounds like your type of place please contact us.
Hope to see you soon!!!!!!

ASEAN School is a very new school in the countryside. It is located in Treang District, Takeo province, Cambodia. It’s called Prey Sandek, which is a stunning landscape, temples, oldest culture, and fields but still remain a province maintaining with extreme poverty and lack of education sector, feature English language  practice and computer skill.

          ASEAN School established to inspire the impoverished, sustainable and destitute students to getting a good education and opportunity as other students in the Cambodia. As well provided potential English language and computer skills to the students who lived nearby the school, especially in Treang District.